1. Standard cash Register functions & user friendly
» All the basic functions of an electronic cash register has been incorporated into the system apart from our POS features ensuring all day-to-day operations can be satisfied.

» The standard system can easily outperform many high-end cash registers in terms of functions & usability

2. Minimum key strokes required to complete one receipt
» Operation keys can be relocated at installation. Hence the system can be configured to meet the cashiers or operators requirement.

» Commonly used keys can be set-up as “Macro-keys” to further reduce key steps.

» All information will be validated by the system for consistency and accuracy.

3. User select printing on 40/80 column and single /double line
» Multiple user select formats are available. A simplified single line receipt or a more detailed double line receipt on the standard POS Printers (40 column). Or simply set it to 80 columns for printing on the conventional 80/136 column desktop printers.

4. User definable text for receipt header and receipt footer
» Messages on the receipts are now definable to further enhance the power of information transfer to your customers; you will now be able to type the message to highlight a certain event/item and hence create awareness through your receipts.

5. Discount in percentage or net value
» The very basis function of discount is available. The system accepts discount in percentage point or net dollars value

» Discounts can be given on line item individually as well as on the entire receipt.

6. Discount with password control
» The above mentioned discount function can be restricted by maintaining a discount table in the system. The discount table will indicate the various percentage points allowed and if a supervisor password is required. Hence, you can now be assured that the cashiers/operators do not issued discounts beyond the allowable range.

7. Programmable fast keys
» Frequently used codes (PLUs) can be programmed into the keyboard to achieve “Fast PLU”/single button recall. In addition, these fast keys can be setup to perform “Direct Multiply” or "Direct Pricing” which further reduce keystrokes.

8. Multiple pricing selection per item
» The system is capable to handle up to six (6) different selling prices for each item. This pricing cab is used for: e.g. normal price, student price, member price, SAF concession price, staff price, and so on can be activated by a single button.

9. Receipt on hold
» In event that there are limited cashier counters, “Receipt On-hold” may be the solution/option to providing good customer service. The system allows holding a receipt in progress when you have to wait for the customer to make a last decision change on a product or dash to make cash withdrawal and begins serving the next customer in the queue, hence illuminating a bottleneck situation.
1. Multiple mode of payments in one receipt
» A single purchase can now be paid by various mode of payment. These payments may be Cash, Credit Cards, and Nets, Personal cheques or Gift Vouchers. Additional modes of payment are also programmable into the system.

» Mixture of move of payments is allowed to further extend the flexibility of the system.

2. Payment by multiple currencies in one receipt
» The system accepts payment in various currencies predetermined in the System set-up.

» Pre-set exchange rates will be used therefore removing the need to manually convert the foreign exchange.

3. Receive on Accounts & Pay Outs
» Receive of Accounts (RA) / Daily Float can be entered into the system. Likewise, any amount used as Pay Outs will also be captured. All these information will be included into the daily closing (X and Z reading) for a complete reporting.
1. On-screen electronics audit-roll
2. Multiple tax computations
3. GST/VAT computations
4. Sales consolidation from multiple remote POS terminals
5. Sales audit report
6. Detail and summary sales analysis reports
7. Inventory report for multiple location
8. Batch price change updating with date control