Our comprehensive, scalable and yet user friendly system allows our Customers to increase their efficiencies and productivity at the touch of just a few keystrokes.

» iGEN Standard Retailer Software
» iGEN Delivery Order and Invoice Modules
» iGEN Food & Beverage (F&B) Module
» iGEN Inventory Control Module
» iGEN Down-payment/Deposit Module
» iGEN Purchase Order Module
» iGEN POS RFID - Radio Frequency Identity Technology

Today's technologies are complex and diverse. Networking has enabled PCs and peripherals to be shared and connected over the ever-widening geographical boundaries.

Our engineers are trained, certified and competent in the world's leading Network Operating Systems, NetWare and Windows NT.

We have designed and implemented network solutions by integrating both Windows NT and NetWare together with products such as Internet Router,
MS-GMail, Windows9x, MS-Office and many more.

In addition to our implementation, we also provide Training and Help-Desk support to our Customers. Free consultation services will also be provided to customers who need to change or upgrade their existing systems.

As the world enters the new millennium, I.G. POS provides services on Web Hosting and E-Commerce to transform businesses into one that is without traditional boundaries and limits, but with interactive collaboration for greater efficiency and productivity.

Our goal is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our Customers with solutions to improve operations and enjoy increased competitive advantage.